The importance of the first 1,000 days of nutrition

A baby’s first 1,000 days of life are crucial for his or her proper development. These are the best years to make sure your baby builds optimum foundations to ensure a healthy brain development, growth, and a strong immune system. Unfortunately, 50% of babies in America are malnourished and the top vegetable eaten by U.S. toddlers is the french fry.

“Understanding the complex interplay of micro- and macronutrients and neurodevelopment is key to moving beyond simply recommending a good diet to optimizing nutrient delivery for the developing child.”  – AAP Committee on Nutrition.

The science is clear about what a young baby’s brain needs to make healthy neural connections. Two of the most important factors are:

  • Early stimulation: A child who is read to, talked to, sung to, played with, is not only happier today, but will have a better developmental capacity throughout his or her life.
  • Proper nutrition: In the first years of life, a child’s brain consumes between 50-75% of all energy absorbed from food and good nutrition. A child who does not receive the proper nutrition tailored to his or her needs at every stage could be at risk of hindering their brain development and physical growth. It can even put them at increased risk of developing illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.

Many new parents have the same question when their babies start eating solids and picky eating stage, “What should I feed my baby during these critical years?” The best baby food is rich in a variety of healthy, organic, nutritious and fresh ingredients. However, usually, when it comes to feeding your baby, your options are either to spend a lot of time making (and cleaning up!) the food yourself or buy highly-processed and not-so-fresh jars and pouches from the store that may contain harmful chemicals.

Although the baby food industry lags far behind in innovation and freshness, with Little Spoon®, there is now an option to ensure that your child is introduced to the right set of nutrients, textures, and flavors at the right time to support their development. Little Spoon® helps you give your little one exactly what he or she needs by creating their very own nutrition plan, designed to evolve as he or she grows. With a great variety of fresh, homemade baby blends which are carefully crafted and packed with quality, organic ingredients, Little Spoon® then delivers you a set of nutritionally optimized baby blends right to your door! All of this was developed with the help of pediatricians and nutritionists, so you can finally give your baby the nutrition he or she needs during those critical 1,000 days without having to figure it all out yourself!

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