Nutrition and proper stimulation: The fundamentals for optimal brain development

Proper nutrition and stimulation are both critical to a child’s optimal brain development. In these early stages, the brain develops at a rapid rate and both stimulation and nutrition play the most important role.

In recent years, a large body of research has shown that experiences play a key role in early childhood development. The brain is especially sensitive and malleable during these early years. Both the environment and the experiences during this time affect the development and function of the brain architecture. Kinedu offers more than 1,000 activities that create enriching experiences with your little one that also serve to boost specific areas of development.

During the early years, a child’s brain has a heightened sensitivity to the quantity and quality of nutrients consumed. All nutrients are important for neuronal cell growth and development, but some appear to have greater effects such as essential acids like DHA. These nutrients serve to boost cognitive and visual development as well as strengthen the nervous and immune system. After birth, and for the first 6 months of life, breast milk is the best nutritional choice which can serve to increase a child’s IQ. After a baby’s first year, there are some growth formulas like Nestlé ® Excella Gold that contains high levels of DHA and a combination of essential nutrients including choline, phospholipids, b complex vitamins, probiotics and prebiotics which, along with stimulation, support a complete brain development. When choosing a growth formula that contains some of the key ingredients we mentioned, such as Nestlé ® Excella Gold ®, make sure to talk to your pediatrician to know which may suit your child best.


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