What is DHA? Properties, benefits and where to find it

DHA is a polyunsaturated omega – 3 fatty acid found naturally in breastmilk and certain foods like salmon. This nutrient is made up of 60% fat and is essential for your little one’s brain development.

Why is DHA so important?

DHA is important for brain and eye function and development, particularly during the early years. Between their moment of birth up until they reach the age of 5, your child’s brain increases approximately 3.5 times its total mass. During this time, it is critically important that children consume sufficient amounts of DHA in their diet to support this period of rapid brain growth and development.

How does DHA contribute to my child’s development?

DHA contributes to your child’s cognitive development, specifically allowing faster and clearer communication between cells, improving working memory and problem solving skills as well as boosting his or her immune system.

Where can I find DHA?

  • Breastmilk
  • Fish, seafood and fish oils
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Growth formulas such as Nestlé ® Excella Gold

It’s important to note that The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months of life, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond. When choosing a growth formula that contains some of the key ingredients we mentioned, such as Nestlé ® Excella Gold ®, make sure to talk to your pediatrician to know which may suit your child best.



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