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Mom and toddler playing with musical instruments

The Kinedu Story

We, as a society, have learned a great deal about the science behind the early years of development. We’ve put

Baby boy painting with his hand

Coming soon to Kinedu!

When we launched in mid-2013, we only had activities for babies 0-12 months old. Only a year later, we released

What is Kinedu?

Here’s a short video explaining Kinedu – watch to find out more about our app!

Kinedu Assessments 101

  How does Kinedu tailor activity programs specifically to a child’s development? We do so through our periodic and continuous assessments.

Our most shared video

Here’s our most shared video to date – Playing with Play Dough! The activity works to strengthen your baby’s physical

Little boy showing some red playdough

Why the early years matter

Here at Kinedu, we’re committed to giving parents the best tools for improving their child’s development. But why do we

Baby girl smiling

Welcome to our blog

Hi! And welcome to the Kinedu blog! We’re glad you’ve visited! For those of you not familiar with Kinedu, Kinedu

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