Category: Relax and de-stress

pregnant woman having a stroll in the nature

Coping with stress during pregnancy

When stress becomes overwhelming and begins to cause insomnia, depression, headaches, or anxiety, your and your baby’s health can be

woman feeling frustrated at work

The causes of stress

Stress during pregnancy is very common since the future mother has a lot of concerns on her mind regarding her

pregnant woman distracted in front of her compturer

Fatigue during pregnancy

Even though fatigue is very common during pregnancy, not all women feel tired with the same intensity. Some might feel

pregnant woman meditating

The benefits of meditation

Meditation is a practice that doesn’t take long and its benefits are so great that it’s best to incorporate it

pregnant woman with insomnia

Avoiding insomnia

During pregnancy, women go through a lot of physical and hormonal changes. The sum of these changes plus fears and

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