Why Fresh Baby Food Matters

The first 2 years of your baby’s life are the most critical time to ensure they are getting the right nutrition to support their rapid growth and development.

However, the current baby food options are falling short. The baby food industry is falling so far behind in innovation and quality of ingredients that we as parents are forced to choose between dedicating hours to prepare the meals or feed your baby food that is older than they are, and may contain GMOs and harmful chemicals.

The baby food we find in grocery stores is usually very heavily processed so it can last for years and years on shelves (in stores and our homes!). To make this food last for that long, it has to be preserved and sterilized, which means that even when no additional preservatives are added, it is still heated to very high temperatures to ensure that it’s not contaminated. This heating process destroys many of the vitamins and nutrients in the jars and pouches to be killed off too, leaving it with very little nutritional value by the time they get to your baby’s belly.

The food you feed your baby with, shouldn’t be older than him or her! Little Spoon® rethinks baby food by offering parents the freshest nutrient-packed alternative to commercial baby food with less work and fewer messes. Their baby blends are carefully crafted and packed with quality organic ingredients, superfoods, and healthy fats. All you need to do is tell them a bit about your baby (nutritional needs and development) and Little Spoon® will build a personalized meal plan for your baby’s developmental stage and needs. As your baby grows, his or her unique plan will adapt too!

Little Spoon’s recipes and nutritional plans were created with the help of pediatricians and nutritionists.

The best part is that Little Spoon® delivers tailored baby blends right to your door, with free shipping in the US!


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