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mom and baby reading a book

When to start reading to a baby

Key points: 1. Reading daily fosters a strong parent-child bond and prepares children for kindergarten. 2. Babies, even very young ones, absorb information…

mom and son reading a children's book

What are the benefits of reading to babies?

Key points: 1. Reading aloud with children has numerous benefits for brain development, language skills, and social skills. 2. Daily reading builds a…

2-year-old not talking

My 2-Year-Old Is Not Talking! Is It Normal?

As parents, it’s common to have questions about our children’s development. One question we often hear is, ‘My 2-year-old child is not talking,…

the best bottle for your baby

What is the best bottle for my baby?

Key points: When choosing a bottle for your baby, consider nipple shape, base, tip, flow rate, material, and features that suit your baby’s…


Should I breastfeed when I’m sick?

Key points: Breastfeeding while you’re sick is generally safe and even beneficial for your baby, as your breast milk contains antibodies that can…

how to spend quality time with family
Social & Emotional

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Family

Quality time with family is essential for strengthening emotional bonds and developing social and emotional skills in children. However, we often feel pressured…

can babies drink cold formula?

Can Babies Drink Cold Formula?

You might be wondering: can babies drink cold formula? Keep reading to find out the answer, and some other frequently asked questions related…

activities for 8 month old babies

5 Activities for 8-Month-Old Babies

By eight months, your baby has developed some motor skills and is starting to gain control over their movements. Check out some ideas…

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