Category: Key Milestones

Learn about the key milestones related to child development, when to expect them, and how to promote them in your little one.

child development milestones

Development milestones: What are they?

When your child is born, your adventure together begins. Along this exciting new journey, you’ll encounter several checkpoints–or development milestones–together.

Tummy time baby

Bring some fun to tummy time!

Kinedu helps parents make tummy time enjoyable with fun activities you can do with your baby at home. You’ve probably

first steps activities

First steps: Activities for your baby

Kinedu has thousands of video-based activities to help parents support their child’s development. Babies typically start taking their first steps

motor milestones: boy kicking a ball

Motor milestones: Kicking a ball

Each of your child’s new accomplishments will be a reason for celebration! Just as you were delighted when they managed

baby girl learning to walk holding her parent's hands

The road to walking

Every parent looks forward to their child’s first steps. It is a very exciting and important milestone! However, skilled walking

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