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Learn about prenatal stimulation techniques to help your baby develop their senses, reflexes and bonding during the gestation.

pregnant woman

My baby’s developing reflexes

Although your baby is still comfortably growing inside your womb, they are already developing some automatic behaviors and sensory responses

a smiley face drawn on a pregnant woman's belly

My baby’s brain and me

“Behavior doesn’t begin at birth, it begins before and develops in predictable ways.” Janet DiPietro, Department of Maternal and Child

pregnant woman massaging her belly with oils

Bonding with your little one

You’ve probably heard a thousand times that there’s nothing like the bond that forms between a mom and her baby.

smiling newborn

Your baby remembers

Contrary to popular belief, your baby’s not born as a blank slate, but has the ability to remember experiences they

pregnant woman looking at an ultrasound

Baby, can you hear me?

As a mom, you intuitively discover what scientists have been stating all along; your little one is already a sensitive

pregnant woman relaxing on a couch

Prenatal stimulation at home

Prenatal stimulation is very important and its benefits are very valuable for your baby. However, it’s not always possible to have

pregnant woman lying in bed

Connecting with your baby

Why is connecting with your baby during pregnancy so important? Several studies have shown that a mother’s mood can influence

baby in womb

Intrauterine growth

Intrauterine growth is composed of two stages: embryo growth and fetal growth. Your baby’s development in the womb is defined

pregnant woman's belly showing a baby's footprint

My baby’s first kicks

When will you feel your baby’s first kicks? You could feel your baby’s first kicks around the second trimester. If

partner touching pregnant woman's belly

The importance of prenatal stimulation

Prenatal stimulation includes a set of techniques that optimize your baby’s development through outside stimulation from movement, sounds, and vibrations.

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