When will you feel your baby’s first kicks?

You could feel your baby’s first kicks around the second trimester. If you haven’t been pregnant before, it might be a bit harder to tell them apart from other bodily movements, like those made from your intestines. You’ll be able to tell the difference with greater ease as the fetal movement increases and becomes more frequent.

What does it feel like?

There are no two mothers that are the same, so it varies between one woman and another. Some might feel soft movements, while others feel the sensation of bubbles bursting inside their womb. The best way to feel your baby kick is while being relaxed, sitting or lying down. This way you’ll be able to focus on the movements. It’s widely advised that you stay responsive to your baby’s movements, caressing your womb or singing, this is a great chance to bond with your little one!

Remember that each baby is unique; some babies tend to kick and move more than others. This is why if your baby doesn’t move as often as your friend’s baby, don’t worry. However, if you don’t feel any movements for over 24 hours, contact your doctor.