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When will I start feeling baby kicks?

pregnant woman's belly showing a baby's footprint

When will you start feeling your baby’s first kicks?

You might start feeling their legs moving around in your belly sometime in the second trimester. If you haven’t been pregnant before, it might be a bit more difficult to differentiate your baby’s kicks from other body movements, such as intestinal movements. As fetal movements increase and become more frequent, you’ll be able to identify them more accurately!


How does it feel?

Every mom and every pregnancy is different, so the sensations vary from woman to woman. Some feel gentle movements, while others describe it as if a little balloon is popping inside their belly. The best way to feel your baby’s kicks or movements is when you’re relaxed, either lying down or sitting. This way, you can focus on each of your baby’s movements. It’s recommended to respond to your baby’s movements with a gentle touch, a song, or your voice. It’s a great way to connect with your baby!

Remember, every baby is unique, and some tend to move and kick more than others. So, if your baby doesn’t move as frequently as your friend’s baby, there’s no need to worry. However, if you don’t feel any movement for more than 24 hours, reach out to your doctor right away.

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