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Scientific Edge

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

child development milestones
Key Milestones

Development milestones: What are they?

When your child is born, your adventure together begins. Along this exciting new journey, you’ll encounter several checkpoints–or development milestones–together. As a parent…

mother doing a Kinedu activity with her baby

The science behind Kinedu

How we turn leading research studies into quick activities for you and your little one. Kinedu’s goal is to help every child get…

surprised baby
Scientific Edge

Why does each child develop at their own pace?

Key points: Early childhood development (ECD) doesn’t follow a predictable, linear path, and is influenced by a child’s environment, culture, and relationships. Language…

parents using baby talk to speak to their baby girl

What’s the importance of baby-talk?

Why do, all of a sudden, adults become fluent in “motherese” or baby-talk when there’s a baby in the proximity? Key Points: 1….

mom and baby girl taking toys out of a box

How to create a positive learning environment

Key points: 1. Quality parent-child interactions are crucial for a strong learning environment. 2. Introduce learning materials like books and engage your child…

parents and baby playing with toy instruments

How does music benefit your toddler?

Key points: 1. Music is vital for a toddler’s development, enhancing cognitive, social, and emotional skills. 2. Exposing toddlers to music helps them…

little girl finger painting
Scientific Edge

How to encourage creativity in a child

Key points: 1. Prodigies focus on consuming knowledge rather than creating new ideas. 2. Creative children often keep original ideas to themselves. 3….

mom kissing her babies hand
Scientific Edge

Early cuddles have long-term benefits

Key points: Touch is crucial for a baby’s development, as it is one of their primary ways of exploring the world. A study…

twin sisters sitting barefoot by the water
Scientific Edge

Why barefoot is best for babies?

Key points: Allowing children to go barefoot outdoors offers numerous benefits, despite concerns about injuries or illnesses. Foot injuries are unlikely outdoors, especially…

little boy making giant bubbles
Scientific Edge

How to spark learning beyond the classroom?

Key points: Summer vacations can lead to educational disparities, with children lacking enriching learning opportunities falling behind their peers. Efforts to address this…

little boy wearing a helmet and climbing harness
Scientific Edge

Why is playing special?

Key points: Play is fun, voluntary, and teaches adaptability through patterns of repetition and variation. It allows children to explore their interests independently,…

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