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Relax and de-stress

In the prenatal category, you will find articles on various topics of pregnancy, such as stimulation, exercises, recommendations, among others.

In the prenatal category, you will find articles on various topics of pregnancy, such as stimulation, exercises, recommendations, among others.

Relax and de-stress

Can stress cause a miscarriage?

A long time ago, it was believed that stress caused miscarriages, but the truth is there is very little evidence to support that…

pregnant woman with hands shaped as a heart
Relax and de-stress

How much stress is too much stress?

We’re sure you’ve been told that stress is not good for you or your baby, but what’s the deal with that? How does…

essential oils during pregnancy
Relax and de-stress

Which essential oils are helpful and safe?

Did you know that essential oils are like the concentrated magic of plants? Yes! They are like the aromatic “superpowers” we extract from…

pregnant woman with mini teddy bear
Relax and de-stress

What are the main myths of motherhood?

In these 40 weeks of pregnancy, you’re not only planning and preparing for your baby’s arrival, but you’re also dreaming about your life…

pregnant woman having contractions
Relax and de-stress

How can I practice mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness might sound intimidating, but it’s actually a simple practice that can bring you lots of benefits. It’s simple in theory (being…

pregnant woman reading in bed
Relax and de-stress

How can I have a happy and healthy pregnancy?

Hello, future mom! During pregnancy, you can expect lots of changes and emotions—it’s like a rollercoaster! But it’s also a stage filled with…

pregnant woman meditating outdoors
Relax and de-stress

Can Mindfulness help me prepare for childbirth?

During that pregnancy journey, mindfulness meditation is the key to preparing yourself mentally and physically for childbirth and everything that comes after. But…

pregnant woman in a spa
Relax and de-stress

How does relaxation impact the brain?

Some of the best ways to experience great health benefits during pregnancy involve relaxation therapy. Whether you choose to practice yoga or meditation,…

pregnant woman having a stroll in the nature
Relax and de-stress

How can I manage stress?

When stress becomes overwhelming and starts to affect your sleep, mood, and overall well-being, both your health and your baby’s health can be…

woman feeling frustrated at work
Relax and de-stress

What’s causing all this stress?

Stress during pregnancy is incredibly common, as expectant mothers often have many concerns about their baby’s health and development. Stress is a natural…

pregnant woman being sad
Relax and de-stress

Your baby is affected by high levels of stress

High-stress levels in pregnant women can be harmful to your baby. Several studies have found that prolonged stress during pregnancy is associated with…

pregnant woman distracted in front of her compturer
Relax and de-stress

What’s the deal with pregnancy fatigue?

Even though fatigue is very common during pregnancy, not all women experience the same level of tiredness. Some feel just slightly drowsy, while…

pregnant woman meditating
Relax and de-stress

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation is a practice that doesn’t require much time, yet its benefits are so significant that it’s worth incorporating into your daily or…

pregnant woman with insomnia
Relax and de-stress

How can I avoid getting insomnia?

During pregnancy, women experience a myriad of physical and hormonal changes. These constant changes, coupled with fears and worries about the future baby,…