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How can I reduce my anxiety and stress before my due date?

pregnant woman with back aches

We know that the unknown can be scary, but to be at your best during this journey, nothing beats some relaxing mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety and stress.

As you reach the final weeks of your pregnancy, mentally preparing yourself for the process of childbirth is really important. Anxiety and fear are normal, but don’t let them overpower you at this crucial moment. Take a deep breath! There’s a little moment of calm between each contraction, take advantage of it and try to be present. You’ve got this! Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth will give you that calm you need.


But remember, you can’t always control everything. Plans often change, don’t get overwhelmed. Trust your medical team and remember, the most important thing is that you and your baby are well. It’s normal to feel sad or disappointed, and it’s okay to express it. Talk about how you feel, take a breath and come back to the present. Don’t get too attached to your plan, and try to walk into this process with an open mind and heart. Each moment is unique, and trying to go with the flow will help you feel less stress and anxiety. Of course, sometimes you’ll fall, but remember that everything is temporary.

So, future mom, catch that wave of experience, enjoy the moment, and give it your all!

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