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Your baby is affected by high levels of stress

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High-stress levels in pregnant women can be harmful to your baby. Several studies have found that prolonged stress during pregnancy is associated with cognitive and physical and developmental issues. Alcohol and other toxic substances disrupt the baby’s growth and development, just like stress.Some studies have found that the effects associated with prenatal stress are obstetric complications, baby’s underweight, and pre-term delivery.

A study conducted by the Konstanz University in Germany found that children of mothers who suffered violence-related stress were more impulsive, and had trouble controlling their emotions, contrary to those of mothers who didn’t. Another study conducted with mothers who suffered from prenatal stress due to a storm in Quebec had children with a lower IQ and delayed language development, than those of mothers that didn’t. With this studies in mind, severe stress is predicted to have serious effects on the baby’s brain structure, and {his/ her} long-term cognitive development.

More studies on the subject are certainly needed to know the exact repercussions stress has on babies, however, we know that severe stress affects the mother and the baby’s health. This is why learning to control our emotions and the reaction to stressful situations is so important during pregnancy. Exercising every day, as well as engaging in deep breathing and social support is a great way to keep stress levels at bay. Don’t let a situation or thought to rob you from your peace and tranquility, and don’t forget to seek help if you need it.


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