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The benefits of meditation

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Meditation is a practice that doesn’t take long and its benefits are so great that it’s best to incorporate it into your daily or weekly routine.

Several studies have found that meditation increases neural tissue, improves attention, memory, and self-control. Scientists from the UCLA studied and compared MRI scans from people who meditated and people who didn’t. They found that the brains of those who meditated had generated more neurons in the frontal and prefrontal areas of the brain. The results suggest that meditation improves judgment, memory, and decision-making.

How can I begin meditating?

• Choose a quiet place away from noise and distraction
• Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable
• Pay attention to your abdominal breathing
• Clear your mind and let go of any thought or concern

Meditating during pregnancy can provide the following benefits:

• Increases your energy
• Balances hormones
• Boosts well-being
• Improves physical performance and strengthens the body
• Helps maintain peace
• Controls emotions
• Boosts your immune system


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