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Can stress cause a miscarriage?


A long time ago, it was believed that stress caused miscarriages, but the truth is there is very little evidence to support that theory. About 10-20% of pregnancies may experience spontaneous miscarriages during the first trimester, but that has nothing to do with stress.

Generally, first-trimester miscarriages are caused by genetic abnormalities or developmental issues with the embryo. They tend to happen for natural causes, such as chromosome abnormalities or difficulties in cell division. In short, miscarriages can happen because of many different reasons, but stress is not one of them. Neither moderate stress, nor sex, nor exercise cause miscarriages.

We know it’s a common fear during pregnancy, but remember that stress is not a risk factor for spontaneous miscarriages. If you still have concerns about this topic, reach out to your doctor, they will clarify any doubts and help you feel calmer.


The best thing you can do is take care of yourself, eat healthily, and avoid risk factors like alcohol and smoking. Talk to your doctor to know the signs and symptoms of a miscarriage and have a solid support system to manage anxiety and feel secure.

Many miscarriages are due to genetic abnormalities, so there isn’t much you can do to prevent them. But what’s important is to stay healthy and take care of yourself before and after conceiving. So, relax, enjoy the process, and take necessary precautions. Everything will be fine!

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