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How can I reduce anxiety towards the end of my pregnancy?

pregnant woman relaxing an the couch

The end of pregnancy is approaching, and excitement is at its peak! But nerves and anxiety can also show up, especially if it’s your first baby. To help you feel more in control, it’s time to make a to-do list and check off important things before the big day.

Here are some items for your list:

  • Am I going to breastfeed or use formula?
  • Have I talked with my partner about how we’ll share caretaking responsibilities?
  • Do we have a pediatrician and have we asked about avoiding risks?
  • Are we going to circumcise the baby?
  • Who will visit us at the hospital or home?
  • Is the baby’s room ready?
  • Do I have the hospital bag packed?
  • Have I talked to my doctor about my birth plan?

You can add or remove things, and talk to your partner, family, and doctor to figure out what you need together. Sharing your concerns with others can help make things less overwhelming and helps you feel prepared.

Take some time to practice relaxation techniques. If anxiety is keeping you up at night, check out our activities catalog and try a guided meditation! Take 5 to 10 minutes to relax and clear your mind. Remember that there are things you can control, like your to-do list, but others will be out of your control – and that’s okay, you will be in good hands. Learn to distinguish these things and enjoy everything life offers you. You’re doing great and everything will be alright!

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