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Avoiding insomnia

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During pregnancy, women go through a lot of physical and hormonal changes. The sum of these changes plus fears and worries about the future baby, along with the frequent need to pee and changes in sleeping positions, could result in sleepless nights. Having a good night’s sleep is key to staying healthy and energized. To sleep well during pregnancy, you must prepare your mind and body a few hours before sleeping.

Tips to avoid insomnia:

• Watch what you eat, especially during the afternoon and night. Some foods such as bananas and whole grain cereal could help you fall asleep. On the other hand, avoid coffee, chocolate, and any other caffeinated beverages
• Avoid napping since it could affect on your sleeping cycles
• Decrease anxiety and fear by talking about your doubts with other women and with your doctor. Worrying too much could cause mental fatigue and insomnia
• Practice relaxation exercises to diminish muscle pain and sleep better
• Try not to exercise a few hours before sleeping. It’s best to do physical activities during the morning


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