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Coping with stress during pregnancy

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When stress becomes overwhelming and begins to cause insomnia, depression, headaches, or anxiety, your and your baby’s health can be at risk. Learning how to cope with stress is easier than what you might think! There are several techniques that could make this process a lot easier. Once you learn to control your mood in stressful situations, you will be able to keep it up as a habit and get long-term benefits.

Here’s some advice on reducing stress during pregnancy:

• Getting a massage before bed helps ease muscular tension
• Sharing your concerns with other women who are going through the same situation could be really helpful
• Practicing your favorite hobby, be it reading, drawing, or attending a Pilates session could help you distract and feel better
• Listening to your favorite songs helps you unplug from reality for a little while
• Practicing breathing and relaxation exercises may bring peace and feelings of wellness
• Going to the movies or going for a stroll could help you forget any fear or worries you may have

Doing things that you like could help you decrease and even avoid stress during pregnancy. Remember, pregnancy should be a time to rest and enjoy! In case you’re pregnant and you’re going through a traumatic event, going to a professional might be the best choice, that way you may feel better and prevent prolonged stress from affecting your baby’s health.


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