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How can I build a relaxing environment during my pregnancy?

main bedroom

Pregnancy comes with a bunch of changes in your lifestyle, routines, habits, relationships, and home. Why not take this opportunity to redecorate and beautify your room or house?

There are many theories suggesting that elements in a room can have a relaxing or emotional effect on people. Although pregnancy can be stressful, your home doesn’t have to contribute to that! Here are some things you can modify to make your home the ideal place to unwind after a long day.


Seemingly insignificant elements have a direct impact on your mood:

  • Color: You’d be surprised to know the psychological reactions that colors generate in our brains. Colors like blue, green, lilac, or some cool shades of gray have a relaxing effect, while bright colors like yellow or red have the opposite effect.
  • Patterns: Geometric patterns can strain the eyes. It’s preferable to choose broad, soft, and curved designs.
  • Fabric: If you want to add texture to the room, make sure the fabric is soft to the touch and easy to clean. Remember that your baby will spend time in that space.
  • Furniture: Comfort is key. Choose furniture without sharp corners or edges (that are safe for the baby) and with a clean and simple design.
  • Lighting: Good lighting brings harmony and balance to a room. If you don’t have many windows, use simple lamps with warm light to illuminate the space.
  • Decorations: While we opt for a minimalist design with few distractions, you can add some decorations to make the place cozier. Anything that sparks joy!
  • Plants: Nothing like having natural elements at home. Oxygenate your space with flowers like jasmine, violets, or gardenias. A fresh smell can help you relax!
  • Scents: Smells can modify the mood and atmosphere of a room. Use incense, scented candles, or even an air freshener. We recommend relaxing oils like lavender, chamomile, orange, cedar, or mint.

There are so many things you can do to redecorate your home without spending much money and turn it into a relaxing space. Find what suits you and your family, and enjoy while you wait for your baby to arrive.

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