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The benefits of a good night’s sleep

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It’s completely normal to feel tired and with a lack of energy during pregnancy. This is partly due to your baby’s weight gain, as well as the constant need to pee, and symptoms of nausea and/or anxiety. All of these factors can disrupt your sleep, and make you feel even more tired during the day.

As we know, getting a good night’s sleep is key to your health. Now that you’re expecting, it’s really important that you get enough sleep so you can get all the benefits you need for your baby’s healthy development. Here’s a list of the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep during pregnancy:

• Mood improvement. Apart from feeling happy and positive, your mood will also help your baby’s development. Studies show that a negative mindset and depression of expectant mothers could be bad for the baby’s development
• Improves the delivery experience. Getting enough sleep helps one become healthier and therefore helps you feel prepared for delivery. Besides, being well rested will help you have better-exercising habits, which will help prepare your muscles for birth
• Improves your blood flow. The nutrients and oxygen that your baby needs are best distributed when you are well rested
• Benefits your baby. Your physical and mental health boosts your baby’s development. If you feel well rested and calm, so will your baby. Studies have found that the mother’s stress can take a toll on their babies

Don’t let other activities keep you from getting enough sleep. Remember, sleeping at least 8 hours a day is key to keep you and your baby in good health!


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