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What are some of my baby’s developing reflexes?

pregnant woman

Did you know that while your baby is cozy in the womb, they are also preparing for the outside world? Yes, they have some tricks up their sleeve called “newborn reflexes” that will be key to their development in their first months of life.

Some of these reflexes are already in action inside the uterus. For example, the “rooting reflex” helps them find a source of food right after birth. If you touch their cheek, they will instinctively turn their head and start sucking. They are expert food seekers from the get-go!

Speaking of sucking, the “suckling reflex” makes them want to suck on anything that touches their palate. So if you see them bringing their foot to their mouth or sucking their fingers in the ultrasound, it’s totally normal!


We also have the “grasping reflex,” which makes them close their fingers around your finger when you touch the palm of their hand. A mini fighter gripping your fingers? Sounds adorable!

Lastly, the “stepping reflex” is a whole party. If you hold your baby up with their feet touching a surface, they will start taking steps as if they were dancing.

By the 32nd week of gestation, your little one will already have these tricks under control. And who knows, maybe you’ll even see them sucking their thumb in an ultrasound!

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