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Prenatal stimulation: motor technique

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You can help develop your baby’s point of balance by using the motor technique of prenatal stimulation. It’s recommended that you start applying this technique during the fifth month of gestation ºsince doing it earlier could be dangerous for your baby.

What’s the motor technique?

Studies show that when the mother is in a position that affects the baby’s equilibrium in the womb, the baby gets information of her position, and therefore develops a sense of balance and movement. This technique consists of gentle dancing or moving with rhythm and coordination.


The motor technique could benefit your baby and promote {his/her} cognitive and physical health, as well as help you cope with stress and decrease pregnancy-related discomforts. Besides, exercise strengthens your body and prepares it for labor.

What are some activities that are recommended for your baby’s stimulation?

• Low-impact dancing
• Swimming
• Prenatal gymnastics
• Prenatal yoga
• Prenatal Pilates
• Kegel exercises

Remember, exercise during pregnancy is highly recommended just as long as it’s done in moderation. If you have any complications or pain, avoid exercising and contact your doctor.

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