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The importance of prenatal stimulation

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Prenatal stimulation includes a set of techniques that optimize your baby’s development through outside stimulation from movement, sounds, and vibrations. At three months of gestation, the organs in charge of your baby’s senses are already formed. There are four prenatal techniques that will help stimulate those senses: hearing, tactile, visual, and motor. Some senses such as hearing and touch develop quicker, so start by practicing those techniques first.

Why use the prenatal stimulation techniques?

Several scientists like Thomas Verny and Dr. Rene Van de Carr, amongst others, have studied prenatal development and found that the babies who were stimulated in the womb were more attentive, cried less, slept better, and had better learning capacities in comparison to those who hadn’t been stimulated.

According to several studies, these are some of the benefits from prenatal stimulation:

• Boosts baby’s physical and mental health
• Boosts the development of a baby’s senses
• Develops the affective bond between mother and baby
• Improves baby’s concentration
• Improves baby’s capacity of visual tracking
• Improves baby’s cephalic control and muscular tone
• Improves baby’s reasoning

Prenatal stimulation could greatly benefit your baby’s development!


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