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4 Spring Activities for Preschoolers

spring activities for preschoolers

Spring activities for preschoolers can play a significant role in the overall development of children. Through playful exploration of nature, these games promote cognitive, motor, and sensory development in a stimulating and enjoyable way.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of these activities in early childhood education and present four exciting spring activities for preschoolers.

Spring Activities for Preschoolers 

Spring is a season filled with colors and life, and  that makes it the perfect time for children to learn while having fun. With this in mind, we have prepared some spring activities for early childhood education, aiming to encourage creativity and your little ones’ connection with nature! You can find more activities on the Kinedu platform for educators and also on the Kinedu app for parents. Check it out!

1. Flower Treasure Hunt


  • Images or photographs of different types of flowers
  • Basket or container for collecting flowers

How to do it

Start the activity by taking the children to an outdoor environment, such as a garden or park, and explain that you will do an exciting treasure hunt to find the flowers shown in the images. Show images or photographs of different types of flowers that the children can find during the treasure hunt. Each child should receive a basket or container to collect the flowers they find. During the search, you can help the children identify the correct flowers, encouraging learning about colors, shapes, and details.

2. Flower Painting


  • Large sheets of paper
  • Washable paints
  • Various flowers and leaves

How to do it

For this activity, take the children to an outdoor space with various flowers and leaves. Provide each child with a large sheet of paper and washable paints of different colors. Explain that they will use the flowers and leaves as natural brushes for painting. The children should dip the flowers into the paint and press them on the paper, exploring the different textures and shapes that each flower imprints on the paper. This activity stimulates creativity and artistic expression while providing a unique sensory experience for the children.

3. Aromatic Herb Garden


  • Pots or containers for planting the seeds
  • Soil
  • Aromatic herb seeds (mint, basil, lavender, among others)
  • Watering can or spray bottle with water

How to do it

In this activity, you will create a small aromatic herb garden in the school area. Invite the children to participate in planting the seeds. While planting, explain to the children how plants grow, the importance of water, and how you will take care of the plants. After planting, water the seeds carefully and place the pots in a sunny location. As the herbs grow, the children can touch, feel, and smell the plants, exploring different aromas and textures. This activity allows children to have direct contact with nature and strengthen socio-emotional bonds while collaborating in garden care.

4. Butterfly Dance


  • Upbeat music
  • Open space for dancing

How to do it

Explain to the children how butterflies fly gracefully, moving their wings. Choose an upbeat song and invite the children to imitate the flight of butterflies, gently moving their arms like wings. Encourage everyone’s participation, leading the dance and inviting the children to follow your movements. Create different dance moves and steps that mimic the behavior of butterflies, such as flying in circles or landing on imaginary flowers. This group activity allows children to explore their movements and have fun together, reinforcing socio-emotional bonds.

Spring activities for preschoolers are an excellent opportunity for children to explore nature while developing cognitive, motor, sensory, and socio-emotional skills in a playful and enjoyable way.

By offering these activities, educators are contributing to a healthy and holistic development, preparing children to face life’s challenges with confidence and creativity. Seize the magic of spring to create unforgettable moments of learning and fun with your students!To find more spring activities and other ideas to help stimulate your students’ development, access the Kinedu platform for educators! There, you can plan your classes with activities based on each child’s age and developmental stage.

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