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What are the benefits of music during the prenatal stage?

pregnant woman with headphones on her belly

Did you know that music has many benefits?

It can change our mood and work as a relaxation tool. And that’s not all! It can also benefit a baby’s physical and cognitive development during the prenatal stage!

Science has shown that, from the second trimester, babies in the womb can hear sounds from the outside world. How advanced is that, right?! And the most surprising thing is that the baby’s heart rate increases when listening to certain rhythms, and those same rhythms manage to calm the baby once they are born. Music has the ability to stimulate alpha brainwaves and calm newborn babies.

But wait, there’s more! Some scientists say that music also helps build new neural connections. It’s like giving them a head start to become little geniuses from an early age! According to a study published in 2013, babies who receive musical stimulation in the womb show an increased brain activity.


Additionally, according to Dr. Rene Van de Carr, babies who are stimulated in the womb sleep better, cry less, and have a greater capacity for learning. Now, that’s starting life with the right foot!

Lastly, there are several prenatal auditory stimulation systems such as BabyPlus, the Tomatis Method, and Firstart. Their mission is to train the baby’s ear in the womb and benefit their development even before they are born. They’re like personal music trainers for babies!

So, now you know, put some music to your belly and enjoy a private concert together! Your baby will thank you for it.

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