You can stimulate your baby’s retina and vision by doing prenatal stimulation exercises that involve light. You can start doing the visual technique since the fourth month of gestation. While exposing your belly to light, photons go through your abdominal walls and stimulate your baby’s vision. Some studies have found that around the sixth month of gestation, babies blink their eyes when presented with light.

The visual technique could benefit your baby and boost {his/her} cognitive and physical health. If done appropriately, it can help your baby develop better visual discrimination, along with a better sense of direction and orientation.

What are some of the exercises that are recommended for visual stimulation?

• Expose your belly to sunlight for about 20 seconds and then cover it with a dark blanket. Do this several times. If it’s cloudy or too cold, you can try it in a room with artificial lights
• Expose your belly and shed light on it with a flashlight. Slowly move it around, side to side, up and down