prenatal stimulation techniques

Prenatal stimulation techniques

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Prenatal stimulation is made up of a set of techniques that optimize the physical and mental development of the baby through external stimulation, such as light and sound. Nowadays, we know that by the third month of gestation your baby’s organs are already formed and developing, therefore, it’s recommended to stimulate your baby as early as the second trimester.


During the 1980’s, pregnant women started using headphones on their abdomen to stimulate their baby’s hearing. Along with this technique, some others have arisen to stimulate other senses.

Here are five prenatal stimulation techniques:

Now, I’ll give you some recommendations before starting any of the prenatal stimulation techniques:

  • Once you start with a technique, like singing to your baby, try to be as repetitive as possible (sing the same song at the same time of the day).
  • Use one prenatal stimulation technique at a time (your baby can’t pay attention to several stimuli at the same time).
  • Sound must be constant, try not to change the volume or rhythm too often.
  • Make sure that your baby is awake before starting.
  • Use these techniques at least twice a week.
  • Your partner’s or other family member’s participation will help create a bond between them and the baby.

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