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What kind of prenatal stimulation techniques can I try out?

prenatal stimulation techniques

Prenatal stimulation is a great way to boost your baby’s physical and mental development. By three months, your baby’s senses have started developing, and that’s why experts recommend starting to stimulate your baby from the second trimester.

Since 1980, mothers started using headphones on the belly to stimulate the baby’s hearing. And with this technique, other ways of stimulating the baby’s senses in the womb emerged.


Here are the five techniques of prenatal stimulation:

  • Auditory (music or reading aloud)
  • Visual (light games)
  • Tactile (gentle caresses and massages)
  • Motor (gentle movements and stretches)
  • Mental or relaxation (meditation or prenatal yoga)

To get started with these techniques, here are some fun recommendations:

  • When starting with a technique, like singing to your baby, make it repetitive (sing the same song at the same time every day)
  • Use one stimulus at a time (your baby can’t focus on a hundred things at once)
  • Keep the sound constant, without many changes in volume or rhythm
  • Make sure your baby is awake before starting
  • Use the techniques at least twice a week
  • And don’t forget that involving your partner or a family member helps create an incredible emotional bond!

It’s time to give your baby an unforgettable sensory experience as they prepare to conquer the outside world! Let’s turn prenatal stimulation into a real party!

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