Prenatal stimulation: auditory technique

pregnant woman placing headphones on her belly
You can stimulate your baby’s auditory sense with external sounds starting from the fourth month of gestation. Your baby can listen to intrauterine sounds such as your heart beat, and outer sounds such as voices and music, which come all the way from the spine through the abdominal walls. You must take into account that the amniotic fluid muffles outside sounds so whispering to your baby wouldn’t be an adequate form of stimulation.

The auditory technique can benefit and promote your baby’s cognitive and physical health. Auditory stimulation can also promote your baby’s state of alertness when done appropriately. Studies have shown that babies are responsive to their mom’s voice as their heartbeats and physical movements rise whenever they hear her. Other studies have shown that the production of a specific sound can calm babies, and diminish their heart rate once born.

What are some of the recommended exercises for your baby’s auditory stimulation?

• Speak to your baby in a loud, clear and slow voice
• Tell {him/her} a story or ask your partner to do so
• Listen to classical music or a recording of nature sounds
• Sing a simple song with a clear and slow voice


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