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Stop the comparisons: every pregnancy is a one-in-a-lifetime experience

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You might find yourself comparing your belly to that of your also expecting friends or, if you already have children and you go through familiar terrain, you find yourself noticing the differences between your present experience and your last pregnancy. You may be wondering why this baby seems to kick a lot more, when the other made gentler nudges. You might also be asking yourself why your belly is higher or lower than your pregnant friend or why you are not getting that mango with black pepper craving that you underwent with your first child.

Remember that just as every child is unique, the same is true for every pregnancy! There are lots of factors that contribute to women experiencing different pregnancies, like previous experiences, genetics, and lifestyles. In the end, your baby bump is not an indicator of what truly matters: how healthy your baby is. If your doctor is at ease, be assured that a few differences between this pregnancy and the last one or someone else’s is perfectly normal.

It’s been said that children get special perks and developmental advantages thanks to the interaction with their siblings. But, did you know that this holds true even for their lives inside the womb? Researchers from the Department of Maternal and Child Health at Johns Hopkins University have found that second and subsequent babies can develop a greater motor experience in utero, and therefore become more active infants. This happens because babies start exploring their surroundings early on. It’s been documented that during the last trimester they lick the uterine wall and start walking around in the womb by pushing with their feet. After the first pregnancy, your uterus is bigger and the umbilical cord is longer, so your next baby has more space to move!


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