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Should I compare my pregnancy to others?

two pregnant women's bellies

Dear future mom, we’re sure you find yourself staring at your belly and comparing it with your friends’ or, if you already have kids, noticing the differences between pregnancies. Remember that each pregnancy is like a unique adventure, different from all others.

It’s normal to wonder why this baby kicks so hard while the previous one only gave gentle nudges. Or why your belly seems to be in another dimension, higher or lower than your friend’s. And let’s not even get started on those crazy cravings! Mango with pepper, really? Well, it’s all part of the journey.

Keep in mind that each child is different, and that includes each pregnancy too! There are a thousand factors that influence this roller coaster of experiences, such as your genes and your lifestyle.


Don’t stress over the shape of your belly; what really matters is your baby’s health! If your doctor says everything is going well and your baby is healthy, then you shouldn’t worry!

And here’s a curious piece of news: if this is your second or third baby, they might have some special advantages in the womb. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University discovered that babies who come after a first pregnancy tend to be more active and lively. They start exploring their world very early on! After the first pregnancy, your belly expands, and the umbilical cord tends to grow more, so they have more space to enjoy the party.

If you’re still worried about particular feelings or situations that feel a little off compared to past pregnancies, or to other people’s experiences do not hesitate to contact your doctor right away – they will be happy to clarify any doubts and help you sift through your concerns.

With all this in mind, try to relax, enjoy this unique journey, and don’t worry about the differences. Each baby is unique, just like their pregnancy!

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