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Bonding with your little one

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You’ve probably heard a thousand times that there’s nothing like the bond that forms between a mom and her baby. That special bond is created and strengthened by their interactions. It’s been proven that this bond has certain “protective” qualities for your little one. Numerous studies support that some of the outcomes of a successful mother-child bond are:

• Children are more able to establish healthy relationships
• Reduces the risk of learning or academic difficulties
• Reduces the risk of health problems
• Reduces the risk of mental problems
• Reduces the risk of behavioral problems
• Reduces the risk of addictions and substance abuse

So go on and start forming that special bond with your little one during your pregnancy! Although many challenges and worries are present during these nine months, stimulating and creating this connection should be a priority. Many moms feel this connection almost instantly, while others can have a harder time. Always keep in mind your baby has the amazing emotional and intuitive capabilities to sense you and your partner’s love even within the womb.

In the next nine months, you and your baby will move, grow and adapt as one. Your baby kicks and you instinctively rub your belly, your baby moves and you change your position. You’re ultimately more connected than you may think, so much so, that when you hold your little one in your arms for the first time, you’re like old friends finally meeting.

Each time you take a minute and enjoy your baby’s presence and acknowledge them, you are providing a safe and loving environment that your baby picks up on, and this makes them feel wanted and loved. Bonding plays a big role in determining how your baby will learn about the world and how their personality will develop. Use Kinedu to find new and fun ways to strengthen your attachment to your little one and make sure you’re forming the strongest connection possible!


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