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How can I stimulate my baby’s sense of touch?

pregnant woman holding a textured ball

Let’s put the tactile stimulation technique into practice! You can start practicing this technique in the tenth week of gestation, and can create a special and affectionate connection with your baby through a massage, using objects with different textures.

When you press your abdomen gently, this generates vibrations that are transmitted through the amniotic fluid. These vibrations are captured by the delicate nerves on your baby’s skin. Isn’t it fascinating!?


Studies and ultrasound examinations have shown that when stroking the belly, the baby’s heart rate increases.The tactile technique can greatly benefit your little one, promoting their physical and mental well-being. However, it’s important to note that it is not recommended in cases of infections, abdominal pain, or if you’ve had a miscarriage or premature birth in the past.

Here are some fun ideas you can try:

  • Massage your belly with different textures; (you can even try using a very gentle vibrator. You can use objects like small rubber balls, or simply the tips of your fingers.
  • When your baby gives a little kick, respond with a gentle tap or light pressure on the abdomen. Try to do this consistently to make them feel accompanied!
  • When you’re in the shower, let water fall on your belly with different intensities. It can be a very stimulating experience!
  • Ask your partner or a family member to gently stroke your belly, this can help them establish a special bond with the baby!

Remember to ask your doctor if these exercises are safe for you, and always perform them with love and gentleness. Enjoy this beautiful stage of prenatal stimulation with your little one!

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