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What can my baby hear and be aware of?

a smiley face drawn on a pregnant woman's belly

By the third trimester, your little one is already dreaming in REM sleep, like a pro! Those dreams must be about the sensations and experiences they live inside your belly. They must be dreaming about your affection and your voice!


Even though they are sleeping all day, their little head is very active! Your baby hears and remembers your voice and also identifies patterns. They can detect different tones of voice, and they love hearing stories. They have a preference for your voice and the words of your native language. So, if you sing to them in French or some other language, they’ll be able to tell it’s something different from the usual!

Your little one’s development is astounding. They are already preparing for their grand debut in this world, and we know they will feel very safe with you by their side! Enjoy every moment as you await meeting that little person who already knows you so well.

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