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Baby, can you hear me?

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As a mom, you intuitively discover what scientists have been stating all along; your little one is already a sensitive baby who day after day is forming a relationship with you.

Studies have shown that a baby in the womb can see, hear, feel, and, on some very basic level, have a certain level of awareness. With that in mind, psychologists strive and assert that the experience in the womb and birth serve as determinants of personality and future aptitudes.

Aspects such as self-confidence, depression, and even addictive behaviors have been remounted to experiences in the womb. Around the fifth month of your pregnancy, your baby can perceive sounds and remember them (your voice included!). The University of California discovered babies remember stories that were repeatedly heard in utero.


Your baby also has periods of wakefulness and sleep, such as you! In fact, your baby is most likely absorbing your sleeping patterns. A study in Switzerland showed that babies who were born to early-risers, woke up early; while those born to late-risers, went to bed later. You have a bigger impact on your baby than you may think!

In case you haven’t heard it enough times, if you continuously experience acute or chronic stress, your body produces stress hormones that enter your bloodstream and reach your womb. Your baby will feel the stress, and studies show that babies who are subjected to extreme and constant stress may be born earlier, have a lower weight average, tend to be hyperactive and irritable, or may even be born with thumbs sucked raw or ulcers. On the other hand, if you continuously try to remain positive and calm, you’ll transmit those feelings to your baby and you’ll be making a huge contribution to your little one’s emotional and physical health for many years to come.

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