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What does my baby feel inside the womb?

pregnant woman looking at an ultrasound

As a mother, you’ve probably intuitively discovered something that scientists have been saying for years: your baby is a sensitive little being, and their bond with you grows stronger every day! Studies have shown that in the womb, babies can see, hear, feel, and have a very basic level of consciousness. Isn’t that incredible?! So, keep in mind that your baby’s experiences inside you can influence their personality and future abilities.

From the fifth month of pregnancy, your baby can already perceive sounds and even remember them! (So, your voice will be their favorite tune from the start!). A study from the University of California found that babies remember the stories that were told to them over and over while they were still in their mother’s womb.

Also, just like you, your baby has sleep and wake cycles. So if you’re an early bird, it’s very likely that your little one will be too! But be careful if you’re a night owl – your baby might follow your nocturnal footsteps!


We’ll repeat something you’ve already heard: if you get stressed or suffer from chronic stress, your body produces stress hormones that also reach your baby. So, try to stay calm and positive! Studies have shown that a baby exposed to constant stress may have some minor issues at birth, but if you remain calm, you’ll contribute to their future physical and emotional health.

So, as you wait for the bid day, nurture that connection with your baby from the womb. They are growing stronger every day, and you are their greatest influence!

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