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How do my baby’s senses develop inside the womb?

pregnant woman showing an ultrasound

Your baby’s senses begin to awaken inside your womb! Isn’t it amazing how they can experience sensations and react to external stimuli even before being born? Each of the senses develops at a different pace, and touch is one of the first to come into action.

From the seventh week of gestation, the baby starts to feel the contact of the amniotic fluid and the uterus on their skin, which contributes to their tactile development.

Did you know that sounds also play an important role?

They are transmitted through the amniotic fluid, and the baby perceives them as tactile vibrations. Your heartbeat and other familiar sounds can make their heart beat faster! Around the seventh month, the baby’s ear is fully formed and can already perceive sounds both from within and outside the womb. Although they may sometimes be a bit distorted, as they pass through the spinal column and then the abdominal wall.


Vision begins to develop around the 22nd week of gestation. Some studies show that babies can react to light stimuli by moving their little bodies or opening and closing their eyes. You could try using a flashlight to stimulate your little adventurer!

Let’s not forget the sense of taste. Did you know that the flavors of the foods the mother consumes end up in the amniotic fluid? It has been observed that babies swallow faster and more frequently when the taste is sweet. It seems like they love it!

Last but not least, the sense of smell develops during the third trimester. According to Professor Lisa Eliot from the Chicago School of Medicine, the baby’s lungs are filled with amniotic fluid, which allows for better transmission of smells, even though they are not yet receiving oxygen.

It’s amazing how your baby’s senses start awakening while still in the womb! Take advantage of this stage to stimulate them and provide an unforgettable sensory experience. Soon, they will be ready to experience the outside world with all their senses finely tuned!

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