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Developing a prenatal stimulation program

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Several studies have shown that prenatal stimulation endorses the baby’s development inside the womb. Besides, it’s been proven that babies can react to stimuli before they’re born. This is why experts recommend a prenatal stimulation program for expectant mothers that are in good health. To get the best results out of the stimulation program you must include all of the techniques in the corresponding month and based on the baby’s development. For this to be easier, you can mark in a calendar each of the techniques and their activities, including the time needed for each of them. Kinedu offers you an activity guide with steps to follow so you don’t have to worry.

Before beginning a prenatal stimulation technique, the following guidelines must be taken into account:

• The mother’s health
• The mother’s safety and comfort
• The time of the day (it’s better if you do it after lunch or dinner)
• Make sure the baby’s awake
• Make sure the place is ventilated
• Have the necessary materials
• Be constant and repetitive. Each technique must be done at least twice or three times a week
• Mother’s and/or partner’s willingness and disposition

Studies show that babies respond to stimulation either with reflexive movement, body movement, changes in the breathing rhythm, or increased heart rate. You can see this response through an ultrasound. Remember that you need to be repetitive and take into account the time each exercise needs in order to get the best results. This is why following a prenatal stimulation plan can help you get organized and do each technique in its right time.


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