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Prenatal stimulation: the importance of finding the right fit for you

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Lately, many prenatal blogs and social media posts seem to be raving about the benefits of using a more direct and active stimulation for the baby while in-utero, in an attempt to give them a jumpstart in early development. There are many ideas and programs out there addressing this, and it’s important to choose one that’s both science-based and you are comfortable with.

There’s a good amount of research supporting prenatal stimulation methods like storytelling, playing ambient music and going outside to get some sunlight, since these are fun and easy activities that you and your baby can share during your pregnancy.

On the other hand, there are some stimulation schedules that might not fit in your agenda or that might be a bit too invasive for the baby, like poking your belly every day at regular intervals or directing a sound amplifier at your abdomen several hours a day to play music. When it comes to prenatal stimulation, the truth is that scientists agree that you shouldn’t follow the mantra “the more, the better”. Instead it’s best to be selective in your choosing. Despite it being done with the best of intentions, directing loud music or lights to the womb all day long may alter your baby’s natural sleep patterns. And fitting a 6-hours a day intrauterine stimulation schedule might stress you out a bit.

It’s great that you want to engage and stimulate your baby early on. There are many available resources, programs, and activities designed specifically to foster your baby’s development during this nine months, like the ones that Kinedu proposes. So, don’t worry if you missed your baby’s daily Mozart hour because you grabbed some tea with your friends, or if you’ve grown tired of playing that French audiobook over and over, even though your cousin said that would make it easier for your child to be polyglot in the future. The most important thing for your baby’s is that you strive for a healthy and happy prenatal environment in which you feel content and excited as this will allow you to engage more with your little one.


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