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Key Milestones

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

baby on his tummy rolling over
Key Milestones

How to help my baby to roll over?

Key points: Rolling over is an important milestone for babies, signifying increased strength in their arms, back, and neck. Babies typically start rolling…

different types of crawling
Key Milestones

Different types of crawling

Key points: Babies can crawl in various styles, not just hands-and-knees. Key is the desire to move and explore. Styles: classic, bear, belly,…

little girl and mom playing with boxes
Key Milestones

What are open-ended toys?

Key points: 1. Open-ended toys, like cardboard boxes, offer endless possibilities for imaginative play. 2. Children use their senses and motor skills to…

baby boy smiling
Key Milestones

When do babies say their first word?

Key Points: Baby’s first words are often “mama” and “dada” due to repeating sounds. Babies recognize repetitive sounds easily, making these words simple…

Mom showing her baby how to touch and smell playdough.
Key Milestones

Touch and smell during early years

Key points: Baby’s brain actively learns through senses of touch and smell. Sense of smell is well developed at birth, allowing recognition of…

baby on his tummy in a park
Key Milestones

Why is tummy time important?

Key points: 1. Tummy time aids muscle development for crawling and milestones. 2. Start tummy time soon after birth, gradually increasing duration. 3….

baby on his tummy smiling
Key Milestones

When does a baby develop head control?

Key Points: Supporting the head and developing neck muscles is a crucial physical milestone for babies. It lays the foundation for other physical…

mom making her daughter laugh
Key Milestones

Why do babies have a laughing response?

Key points: Laughing can can reveal your baby’s understanding of object permanence and other cognitive developments. Eye tracking is developed at around 4…

baby crawling
Key Milestones

When should babies crawl?

Key Points: Crawling is an exciting and important developmental milestone for babies, typically occurring between seven and nine months of age. There is…

baby girl learning to walk
Key Milestones

When do babies learn to walk?

Key Points: Learning to walk is a major physical milestone for babies and typically occurs between nine and 15 months of age. Babies…

Mom and little girl playing with wooden blocks

What is executive functioning?

Key points: Early experiences profoundly shape the developing brain and lay the foundation for complex skills. Executive function skills, like multitasking and self-control,…

baby boy playing with a toy drum
Key Milestones

Auditory development in early childhood

Key points: Babies have an excellent sense of hearing from the 16th week of pregnancy. Auditory skills like localization develop early; infants react…

baby girl on her tummy
Key Milestones

Motor development in early childhood

Key points: Motor skills help your baby complete tasks and explore independently. Motor development is a subdomain of Physical development in children. Opportunities…