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Your 6-Month-Old Baby: Milestones & Activities

6 month old baby milestones

Do you have a 6-month-old baby or are they approaching this stage? Learn what to expect of your child’s development and how to foster their skills.

A 6-month-old baby is going through a fun and energetic phase. At that age, they begin to acquire some skills and do things that they haven’t been able to do before, such as sitting without support.

It is common for parents and other caregivers to have doubts about how a child develops at this stage. Therefore, it is important to have some references to monitor a baby’s growth.

To help you with that, we will explain some developmental milestones of a 6-month-old baby and suggest some activities that can help your little one during this stage. Keep reading!

Why Is It Important To Know Your Baby’s Developmental Milestones?

Developmental milestones are benchmarks used to monitor a child’s growth. However, it is important to note that these are not rigid rules. Nor should they be used to make comparisons between your child and that of a co-worker, for example. Each child develops at their own pace.

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Therefore, knowing these parameters is essential so that you know what to expect next. A good example is when your child begins to hold their head more steadily. In doing so, the next step might be to learn how to sit. You can play with your little one to encourage these skills.

Another key reason to keep track of your baby’s milestones is to be able to identify potential developmental delays and report them to your pediatrician. Thus, the specialist will be able to assess your child’s specific case, understand whether there is indeed a delay, and how to act based on the diagnosis.

6-Month-Old Baby Milestones

By six months, babies develop some communication skills. That’s why they will begin to respond by making sounds when mom or dad calls. Your child will yell, babble, or smile when you talk to them.

Also, at this age, your baby begins to imitate what you or other people do. Therefore, they will shake their head to say “no” or wave hello or goodbye. At this stage, they will gain more control over their own body. You will notice that when your baby is lying down, they will start to roll in both directions or even drag themselves to move around.

Your baby will also use their fingers to hold small objects, and if the object falls to the ground, they will look where it went. Your 6-month-old baby may even be able to sit by themselves by placing their hands on the floor in front of them.

To learn how to sit, they must strengthen some muscles. That way, they will gradually acquire the ability to sit as the small muscles in their back and neck get stronger. In addition, they will also develop better balance in the trunk and head region.

Before starting to sit up alone, your baby will likely start to lift their head when they’re lying on their stomach. You can stimulate them with tummy time, that is, by placing them on their stomach for a few minutes a day.

Starting at six months, your child begins to recognize family members, knowing if a person who approaches is a stranger or not. Another important developmental milestone at this stage is the introduction of food. Your little one will start to eat solids, in addition to having a better sleep pattern.


Activities For Your 6-Month-Old Baby

At this stage, you can do some activities with your baby to stimulate their development. Here are some activities for a 6-month-old baby that you will find in the Kinedu app:

Dancing with my baby

For this activity, carry your baby in your arms and sing to them. Following the rhythm, gently move your little one sideways, up, and down. This fun activity for 6-month-olds will help them learn to identify rhythms.

While you dance, observe your little one’s reactions and respond to their movements and emotions. This will foster serve and return interactions, forming a secure attachment and strengthening the bond between you.

This activity will stimulate your 6-month-old baby‘s brain development and musical skills.

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Let’s sit

This game helps strengthen your little one’s muscles so they can practice sitting. To start, lay them on their back on a blanket or pillow. Then give them an object that they can easily grasp, such as a marker.

When your baby has a hold on the object, slowly pull them up and help them sit up. You can also hold your baby by the shoulders. With this activity, you will develop their ability to lift their head when they’re lying down and to try to sit up when you pull them by the hands.

Imitate my gestures

This activity for a 6-month-old baby fosters learning through imitation. Begin by sitting in front of your baby, get their attention, and then do some gestures like blowing a kiss, puffing your cheeks, or yawning.

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Repeat the gestures a few times, until your baby begins to imitate you. This game also encourages serve and return interactions.

Naming the parts of the body

Take advantage of bath time to stimulate your baby’s development. Before putting your 6-month-old baby in the bathtub, explain that you are going to put their little feet in the water. Talk about the temperature of the water and let them know that the bath will help them relax.

As you wash each part of their body, name them one by one. For example, “I’m washing your arm”, “Let’s wash your leg.” Emphasize the name of each body part well so that your baby begins to associate them with their names.

This activity will foster your baby’s proprioception, which is the ability to feel where each part of the body is in relation to the rest of the body.

Based on this article, now you know how important it is for parents to know the 6-month-old baby milestones and why you should carry out specific activities to develop your child’s skills.

Did you like understanding more about the development of a 6-month-old baby? Take the opportunity to download the Kinedu app and track your child’s milestones and progress, access +1,800 activities, and attend expert classes on topics related to parenting and child development.

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