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Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

baby talking

How to encourage your baby to talk

Key points:1. Speech development strategies:0 to 12 months: Narrate daily activities, make interactions fun, give praise.8 to 14 months: Choose a topic, have…

happy parents playing at home with their kids

A speechy quarantine

Here are what I’m calling my quarantine-4: my top speechy activities for passing the days with your little friend in tow at home!…

two toddlers singing happily

How to sing with a toddler

Key points: Socioemotional benefits: Singing is a shared activity that builds social skills, regulates emotions, and models self-care. Physical, cognitive, and linguistic benefits:…

mother reading with her little girl

5 love books for children

Key points:Book recommendations for Valentine’s Day: Todd Parr’s “”The I Love You Book.”” Anna Dewdney’s “”Llama Llama I Love You.”” Laura Numeroff’s “”Happy…

Woman introducing solids to babies

A speechy start to solids

Introducing solids to a baby is very exciting. And since we use the same parts of our mouth for eating and for talking,…

little boy holding a toy telephone and acting confused

Is it ok if my child makes grammar mistakes?

Key points: Language development in early childhood involves exposure to language and the natural emergence of grammar rules. Overregularization is the most common…

little girl feeding her teddy bear

The benefits of “toy talk” 

Key points: “Toy talk” is a new technique proposed by the University of Illinois to improve language skills in children. Toy talk consists…

parents and little girl reading a book

Learning grammar skills 

Key points: Grammar development starts at a young age and is crucial in helping children express their ideas clearly. Exposure to language is…

fun activities to help with pronunciation

8 activities to improve pronunciation

Key points: Language development begins early and involves mastering sounds. Encourage clear pronunciation through fun activities and examples. Bingo, tongue twisters, and guessing…

little boy making language signs

How can I use baby sign language with my baby?

Key points: 1. Baby sign language encourages early communication. 2. It reduces frustration and supports language development. 3. Start with simple, meaningful signs…

baby and mom smiling outdoors

How gestures impact your child’s learning process

Key points:1. Babies start communicating through gestures around 5 months.2. Gestures facilitate learning by regulating children’s attention and providing conceptual information.3. Different types…

baby girl holding a brush as if it was a telephone

How is your baby’s talking timeline?

Key points:1. Children’s language development progresses in distinct stages during the first few years.2. Babies start with vowel and guttural sounds, then focus…

two siblings and mom reading a book

Why are routines so important to children?

Key points: 1. Routines foster self-control by providing children with a sense of security and predictability. 2. They promote positive behavior and teach…