Sex during the third trimester

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Your pregnancy is soon coming to an end. In no time you’ll finally have your baby in your arms! These months have been filled with new experiences and now that you are in the final stretch, remember, it’s important to work on your affectionate bond with your partner, now more than ever. Intimacy and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive. It’s completely normal that during this period some concerns and doubts may arise. For this reason, we compiled you with the answers to some questions women present during this time: Can sex or orgasms speed up birth?
No. Orgasms do provoke your uterus to contract, but these contractions are very different from those of giving birth. Don’t worry; sex will not make you have a preterm birth! Is there any moment in which I should avoid having sex?
Most women can have sex with no problem during their entire pregnancy. However, if you have any complications, a history of preterm births, vaginal bleeding with no explanation, or amniotic liquid discharge, you should avoid it for a while. We recommend you visit your doctor in case of presenting any of these symptoms. How long should I wait to have sex after giving birth?
Whether you had your baby the natural way or had a cesarean, your body needs some time to heal. It’s recommended that you wait around 6 weeks until you have sex again.

Remember that intimacy can and should be given in other ways too! Keep in touch with your partner with calls or texts. Try to set apart some time for you, and remember that physical contact with consent, even if it’s not sexual, is always welcome!


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