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Promoting respect in the family

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After a baby’s arrival, new responsibilities can cause an increase tension and arguments within couples. Tension can even get so high to the point of losing respect for each other.
If a couple’s relationship is dysfunctional, it can seriously have an effect on how they raise their children. Studies have shown that parents with a bad relationship tend to educate their children with less consistency. So it’s very important to respect each other in order to maintain the peace in your family, especially now that you have a new member. How can we work on respect in the relationship?

Communication is key. Knowing how to express feelings, desires, and ideas is a fundamental ability for a relationship. It’s important that your partner feels respected and valued so you can work peacefully as a couple. This is why intimacy and affection, as well as communication, are so important in keeping a relationship healthy. Another way of maintaining respect is by practicing self-control in stressful situations or in fights. Emotional control keeps you from saying things you might regret later.

What to do when the situation spirals out of control or when the damage is already done?

If respect has been lost and offensive words or physical violence occurs, the best thing you could do is seek professional help to sort things out. Seeing things from another perspective could be of great help.

Considering that children learn how to behave from their parents, here are some suggestions to keep them from taking after toxic behavior:

• Avoid picking fights in front of your children. If you need to discuss a touchy subject make sure you do so privately
• Don’t insult people or your partner. Practicing self-control is key to comply this advice
• Learn more about your partner’s likings and interests
• Take a workshop or read a book about emotional intelligence


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