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How can I manage working while pregnant?

pregnant woman reading a paper
Whether it is a choice, or a need, many women continue working through their pregnancy. While most of them won’t have any issues and can indeed continue working, there might be some challenges when it comes to dealing with symptoms of discomfort at the workplace.

Knowing how to relieve some symptoms can help you stay healthy and feel well, so you can give your best at work! Here are some tips:

  • Nausea: Identify the things that “trigger” your nausea and try to avoid them at the office. Ginger or salty cookies are your secret allies! Snacking often can be very helpful. Ask your doctor about taking vitamin B6, that might help you too. If all else fails, have the “quick route” to the bathroom figured out, just in case!
  • Fatigue: Eat lots of iron-rich foods! Sometimes fatigue can be related to an iron deficiency. Stay hydrated, take frequent breaks and try to cut your to-do list short. If that’s not possible at work, consider taking it easy with non-work related activities. Most importantly – get enough sleep! Go to bed early and avoid staying up late.
  • Pain: If you’re sitting for a long time, focus on supporting your lower back. If your chair is not adjustable you can use a support cushion. If you have to be on your feet for long periods of time, putting one foot up on a footrest, box or stool can bring you relief. Switch your feet often and take as many breaks as you need. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes that have good arch support.

It’s best to avoid lifting things all together, but if you have to, remember to use your knees and not your back when lifting objects.

It is also really important to keep stress in check, as too much of it can harm your little one. Make to-do lists, prioritize tasks, and try to delegate things if the load becomes too heavy. Talk about how you feel with your colleagues and superiors, and find a relaxation technique that works for you, like breathing exercises, stretching or taking a short walk. Staying as relaxed as possible is important for your health and your baby’s well being!

Nowadays workplaces can be very flexible and understanding when it comes to pregnancy and maternity, so try to approach your superiors if you feel like you need a change of pace. Just as in any successful relationship, communication is key!

While working is safe in most cases, do consider if your work environment doesn’t expose you to risks or complications. Unsafe work conditions involve: exposure to harmful substances, prolonged standing, heavy lifting, carrying or climbing, excessive noise and extreme temperatures.

If you feel concerned about any of the things we mentioned before, talk to your employer, and your health care provider about your situation. With their help and professional advice you can figure out special measures, or decide if you can and should continue working through your pregnancy. Remember, that the most important thing is to keep you and your baby safe!


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