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Anxiety during pregnancy

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Anxiety is very common amongst expectant moms, due to doubts about pregnancy, concerns about the future baby, and fears about delivery. Also, physical and hormonal changes could give pregnant women mood swings and increase their stress levels.

What are some symptoms of anxiety?

• Trouble breathing
• Stomach pain
• Headache
• Hypertension
• Sweating and increased heart rate

Why should anxiety be reduced during pregnancy?

Stress can be harmful when it’s suffered during long periods of time, due to the high levels of cortisol produced in the body. If cortisol is maintained elevated for too long, it could raise your blood pressure, and disrupt both your memory and immune system.

There’s still no concrete information on how prolonged stress affects future babies, however, studies have found that some developmental issues are related such as preterm delivery, spontaneous abortions, attention disorders, and language delay have been associated with stress during pregnancy.

How can I decrease anxiety?

There are some exercises that you could do to control anxiety attacks during pregnancy. For example, breathing exercises and prenatal yoga. Doing these exercises will bring lots of benefits for your health and well-being while improving your blood flow and eliminating toxins.


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