Did you know that your baby can hear even before they are born? In fact, when babies arrive in the world, the sense of hearing is already practically developed. We’d love to share more details about auditory stimulation exercises for babies with you.

Continue reading to find out these practical tips.

1. Use sound objects to stimulate your baby’s hearing

Since they are in the womb, babies can hear. There, they are exposed to their mother’s heartbeat, the sounds of her digestive system, etc. But once they are born, in the outside world everything sounds clearer and louder. That’s why it is essential that, during the first months of life, parents talk, lull, or sing to their baby so that they learn to identify their parents’ voices and become familiar with their environment.

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Also, it is recommended to use noisy toys or a musical mobile to help your baby learn to distinguish sounds. Even the location of these sounds will help your child identify when they are in a certain room in the house. For example, your baby can associate the music on the mobile with their room, tranquility, and rest.

2. Tactile and auditory stimulation for babies

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, from six to seven months, babies can begin to imitate sounds more actively. They can even spend hours babbling and repeating the same sound because their association ability has improved.

You could take advantage of parent-child moments, such as breastfeeding or bottle feeding, to try activities that combine auditory stimulation and touch. For example, sing softly to your child while gently massaging their feet. This way, you will have a loving moment with your baby, while promoting both auditory stimulation and physical contact, which is also essential for their brain development.

3. Teach your baby to locate where the sound is coming from

Locating the sources of sound is another activity you could do to help your baby’s hearing stimulation. These are some auditory stimulation exercises for babies that you could try.

  • Call your baby from a place where they can’t see you. Use soft language with a cheerful tone that encourages them to want to find you. Say things like “Here I am!” or “You found me!” and celebrate as soon as they find you. You can repeat this exercise from different places in the room.
  • You can also do this same activity using noisy objects instead of your voice. For example, a rattle. Make the sound somewhere in the room and ask your baby to locate it.

This is a recognition and association exercise that will help your little one to differentiate things more easily.

To use these auditory stimulation exercises for babies, keep in mind that you must moderate the volume of your voice.

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