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How-to: Get your baby to sleep through the night Pt. II

Having a baby is no easy task! Yes, it’s beautiful to see them grow and get to know them more and more every day but it can certainly become a challenging experience especially since during the early years, you and your baby will be in constant change and adaptation. One of the biggest changes and adjustments is sleep and all that it entails. Sleep habits are crucial for both the healthy development of your baby and your continued health. Without a full rest both you and your baby’s performance, health, and mood will be affected, so it is very important to try to always meet this basic need!There are many techniques that you can follow to help your baby sleep, some more effective than others, but they all depend on your baby’s personality and preferences. There is no exact recipe to ensure a quick and effective way to sleep that applies to every baby, that’s why it’s important for you to get to know your baby and what works for him or her. There are ways to set parameters to identify and anticipate effective techniques. Here are some methods you might want to try out to get started on forming healthy sleeping habits! Continue reading