Since your baby acquired more mobility, everything around him is a new world to be explored. Your little one will move quickly towards objects that attract his attention, and they will not always be safe ones. Your little one will begin to stand up with the support of a small table or a chair, and, naturally, small stumbles and falls will increase during this period. Don’t worry, the distance between your baby and the floor is quite small.

When babies fall, they tend to turn to see your reaction before deciding on their own. Little ones constantly seek the guidance of adults whom they trust before proceeding with new experiences. With this in mind, you can help your baby understand that a little stumble should not keep him from exploring his environment. If despite your calm reaction your little one cries, don’t hesitate to comfort him and offer words of encouragement, so he can learn that, despite facing a small setback, he should keep going.

Now, despite knowing that falls are very common, don’t forget to baby-proof your home. Remember:

  • Don’t leave objects on tables at your baby’s reach, especially glass decorations.
  • Cover table corners.
  • Place handrails on stairs.
  • Keep any cleaning item and medicine out of reach.
  • Don’t have loose cables laying around.
  • Make sure that no small object is on the floor; it will end up in his mouth.
  • Close bathroom doors and kitchen access.
  • Cover all electrical outlets, children love them.
  • Always be attentive to your baby and never leave him alone.
  • Finally, crawl around the room, see the place at your baby’s point of view, and verify that you have not forgotten anything.

Now your baby is ready to explore freely and learn that a small stumble shouldn’t stop him. Happy explorations!