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What are the “musts” in a relationship that should not be forgotten?

toddler shoes and baby shoes

Having a baby is a thrilling adventure filled with emotions and new challenges. As it is often said, it takes a team effort to raise a child, but you can be sure that you’ll do an incredible job together!

First on the list is the division of labor. Ah, yes, those household chores that sometimes seem endless. But don’t worry, everything is easier when tasks are shared. Make a detailed list of responsibilities and household chores, and see how you can work around your schedule to divide it equally. This way, it will be clear who does what and when. Organization is the key!

Don’t forget to say “Thank you!” and “Great job!” Those simple compliments work wonders. Your partner will feel valued and confident.


Exchanging roles is another great idea. Let your partner spend a whole day with the baby and strengthen their bond. It will be a unique experience that will bring you even closer together!

And don’t forget your monthly meetings. Yes, you heard it right. Take a moment to talk about how you feel and what changes you could make to improve your dynamic. Communication is key!

So, future parents, get ready to face this new chapter together! With a little planning and lots of love, you’ll be the best team and raise the happiest baby!

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