Now that your baby is bigger and stronger, you might’ve felt a kick or two. Each day your baby’s growing faster! Feeling {his/her} hands and feet inside your womb is so amazing! However, this amazing feeling also comes with added weight and pressure on your body. As your pregnancy advances, back pain becomes more constant. 75% of pregnant women have said that they felt back pain during some stage of their pregnancy. Pain could even go on for a few weeks after birth. Don’t worry, though! It won’t last long and it will fade away after delivery.

During your third trimester, it’s completely normal to feel bodily pain more often. This is due to your baby’s size and movements and {him/her} trying to find a comfortable position. Your baby’s size pushes down on your lumbar area and just above your pelvis especially while you are on your feet. What’s more, if your baby accommodates {his/her} in a position that puts pressure on your sciatic nerve, you could be in pain all the way from your lumbar zone to your legs.

Keeping an upright position might help you diminish these discomforts. Other ways to calm the pain are exercising, placing hot and cold pads on the affected area, massages, and practicing relaxation techniques.