Pilates is a training technique that allows you to be aware of and align your body, as well as tone and relax your muscles to be more flexible. Achieving the best results requires focus and coordination.

Expectant mothers go through a lot of hormonal, physical and emotional changes in a short period of time. Prenatal Pilates can have so many benefits in expectant mothers both mentally and physically.

Some of the benefits Pilates has to offer are:

• Better blood flow
• Prepares body for the increased abdominal weight
• Promotes good posture
• Reduces stress
• Prepares the body for delivery
• Increases breathing capacity
• Improves the mood
• Helps increase flexibility

If you feel anything out of normal, quit exercising. It’s recommended to avoid demanding exercise. Doing short workouts throughout the day is better.

Remember, exercising regularly will help you! However, take lots of care and don’t overwork yourself while doing so, it’s so important now that you’re pregnant.

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